The NEW It Works Shake – A Plant-Based Miracle?

Vegans and plant-based advocates alike can now rejoice with the addition of the *NEW* It Works Shake from It Works Global. Using protein from peas and organic sprouted brown rice, your digestive tract, your energy levels and your muscles will thank you – mucho.

What’s In The It Works Shake?

At only 100-calories per serving, the It Works shake packs a serious amount of protein into a small scoop. Tipping the scales of 15 grams of protein, this perfect protein blend contains a balanced amino acid profile so you have the BCAA’s that you need for optimal health.

The It Works Shake also contains no artifical sweeteners, flavors or colors. It’s completely free of growth hormones or antibiotics or anything that God didn’t design himself. It’s a proprietary blend of organic sprouted rice and yellow peas, and it can’t be matched by anything else on the market.

Oh, and did we mention it has 0 grams of sugar? That’s right. ZERO.

How Can I Take The It Works Shake?

You can pretty much ingest the It Works Shake any ol’ way you’d like. We recommend that you take a scoop with your preference of 8oz of milk or water. But many people use orange juice, or just put a couple scoops in your morning coffee or morning smoothie!

If you’re the adventurous type, like me, then you might even want to try using it inside a delicious protein ball, your kid’s pancakes, or add a scoop to your oatmeal in the morning!

Where Can I Buy The It Works Shake?

If you’re looking to purchase the Shake from It Works, then make sure that you DO NOT look to Amazon or Ebay or any other website other than the corporate website of It Works Global. There are a lot of counterfeits, as well as people selling expired products.

Click the button below to get the absolute best deal possible – directly from the corporate website.

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