Who Are The Top Earners in It Works Global? [Black Diamonds]

It’s natural to be curious about who is making the most money with the company you’re in. The top earners in It Works! are known as Black Diamonds, which means they earned commissions of 100k/month for six consecutive months!

As of this writing, there are only two active distributors in the company who have achieved the rank of Black Diamond: Denise Walsh & Stefani Dunn (shout out for the husbands – Brandon Walsh & Joel Dunn)

Black Diamond – Top Earner – Denise Walsh

How Do You Become a Top 10 Earner?

It’s actually not very complicated. If you want to become a Black Diamond, you just need to be consistent. On average, Denise recruited about 10 new distributors every month for the past 10 years!

“I only closed about 25% of the people I had real conversations with. But the trick is to always have good ads running, so your supply of leads is endless.

-Denise Walsh

If you’d like to learn more about working with Denise (to get all her amazing spillover into your organization) you can click here to email her.

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