13 Toxic Symptoms That Scream “DETOX NOW”

Bloodshot Eyes and Brain Fog - Two Toxic Symptoms

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Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up with any of these toxic symptoms – feeling foggy, drained and cranky despite a good night’s sleep? This groggy feeling is what I like to call a “toxic hangover,” which can be the combined result of a LOT of things – poor diet, excess alcohol, smoking, environmental toxins, toxic personal care products & more.

There are plenty of ways that our bodies become toxic, and these toxic symptoms may come across as “everyday aches and pains” which is why many of us ignore the signals that are right in front of us.

And the truth is – now, more than ever, it’s important to be conscious of these warning signs our bodies give us because there are more hidden toxins in our food and products than ever before.

If you haven’t been feeling yourself lately, here are some clear signals that your body desperately needs to detox!

1) Acne Breakouts & Poor Complexion.

Have you ever had a few days in a row where you ate worse than usual? More fast food, processed food, sugar, etc. and suddenly a day or two later you breakout with acne?

Detoxification can show up in many different ways and acne breakouts are just one way your body is telling you that it’s overloaded and trying to rid itself of those excess toxins.

Whether you’re suffering from more acne than usual, uneven skin tone or just a dull complexion – your body may be asking you to do a cleanse!

Changing your pillowcases, washing your face with a non-toxic cleanser and balancing your skin’s pH with a toner can all help with a sudden breakout as well.

2) Chronic fatigue and brain fog.

This is one of the most common and most overlooked symptoms of body toxicity. If you have difficulty waking up each day even after a good night’s rest or feel like you could nap at any point during the day, this is usually a pretty strong indication that your body is acidic and needs to detox.

And just because brain fog and feeling tired is common doesn’t mean it’s normal. When your body is given the proper diet, nutrients, exercise, sleep, etc. it needs, it can detox naturally and you can function at your fullest capability.

However, when you ignore these toxic symptoms long enough and the toxins continue to accumulate over time, you begin to accept them as “normal” even though they can be prevented and treated with the proper steps!

3) Constipation and digestive issues.

Did you know that nearly 70% of your immune system is found in the cell walls of your GI tracts? If you have digestion issues and constipation, it can negatively impact your health in many other ways too.

Processed foods are filled with artificial ingredients, additives and fillers that can slow down digestion. If you’re not making a bowel movement at least 1-2 times daily, that toxic waste is building up in your colon with each and every meal you eat.

This buildup of toxins will show up in the form of constipation and many of the other things on this list until you start treating your body differently and clean up your diet.

Do You Need To Detox?

4) Frequent headaches.

If you’ve ever drank too much and woke up with a headache the morning after, you know that’s part of the “hangover” you experience as the alcohol continues to leave your system.

In the same vein, when you consume more toxins than your body can handle at once, you may find yourself experiencing a headache (among other things on this list) because your body is trying to rid itself of those excess toxins.

Soda drinkers, sugar lovers and caffeine addicts often experience these frequent headaches when their body tries to begin detoxing from the sugar, caffeine, etc. they’re used to!

5) Aches, pains and soreness.

Chronic soreness and pain typically stems from inflammation in the body and there are many toxic substances in our diet, environment, etc. that can trigger this kind of inflammation.

When those toxins build up over time and get stored in your tissue, it can cause chronic inflammation and pain.

If you wake up and feel sore or achy on a regular basis, it may be a sign that you need to detox or that you are nutrient-deficient. Getting started on a detoxifying cleanse and finding a great multivitamin will help reset your body and control inflammation.

6) Trouble sleeping.

When your body is healthy and in an alkaline state, you should have no issues sleeping at night or waking up in the morning! Tossing and turning at night and difficulty getting up in the morning is often a sign of imbalance in the body.

This may mean that you need to incorporate more exercise into your days or spend some time relaxing and detoxing in a bath of soothing essential oils and Epsom salts at night before bed.

7) Bad breath or excessive body order.

When your body needs to rid itself of excess toxins, it can be released in the form of foul body order or bad breath. This is the result of bacteria and toxins on the tongue as well as in the layers of your skin seeping out of your pores.

Sweat doesn’t naturally have a bad odor, but as your body sweats it also releases toxins and those toxins cause the sweat to have an unpleasant scent.

Bad body odor and breath often comes from eating too much junk food and processed food, which is harder for your body to digest and process. A short cleanse to reset the body and a cleaner diet will do wonders for your natural scent.

8) Skin rashes or allergic breakouts.

Rashes, hives and other types of allergic breakouts can be toxic symptoms telling your body to “reset.”

When something is consumed that your body doesn’t recognize or agree with, your body treats it like a foreign invader and issues an immediate response like hives, rashes, breakouts and other sudden auto-immune reactions.

If you are frequently having these types of reactions, you may want to see an allergy specialist to see if there’s a food or food preservative that your body is rejecting.

9) Low energy, negative outlook and depressed feelings.

If you treat your body like a garbage can, you can’t it expect it to perform like much else. We can work with our bodies or make them work against us depending on what we consume, believe and how we behave.

It’s no surprise that a build-up of toxins can eventually lead to depression because your body can’t function at the levels it wants to.

Think about what you’re eating, drinking, and consuming…think about who you’re surrounding yourself with and who you’re allowing to influence and impact your thoughts and decisions…. think about what you’re doing to exercise and use your body.

A poor diet filled with toxic ingredients will have a direct negative impact on your health, but you also have to let go of toxic people, feelings and thoughts in order to be truly healthy.

10) Hormonal imbalance and low libido.

It’s no surprise that toxins can lead to imbalance in the body – our bodies can only recognize what they are made to consume, and sometimes, we are consuming those toxins without our knowledge.

You’ve probably noticed that most every water bottle and plastic containers are now made and labeled to be “BPA Free” once the dangers of BPAbegan to circulate public media.

BPA, also known as bisphenol A, is a chemical that acts as a synthetic estrogen and has been used in many plastic products. BPA can get leached from the plastics into the food/liquid being stored and this absorption of the chemical in small amounts over time can eventually impact and disrupt the natural hormonal balances of the body.

This chemical is just one example to demonstrate how potentially dangerous toxins are absorbed without our knowledge or intention.

11) Overweight or stuck at a weight-loss plateau.

Typically when people are having difficulty losing weight or feel stuck at a plateau, it’s usually because of a couple simple things…

a) They need to cleanse and detox their body first of any excess waste/toxins so that they can better absorb the nutrients in their food and any supplements they may be taking and b) They likely have an acidic pH level which is throwing off their body’s natural state and making it hard to lose weight.

You can alter the pH level of your body through the food and beverages you consume and there are some great supplements that can help to alkalize your body as well.

12) Dull, puffy or glazed eyes.

When your body is thrown off from lack of sleep, nutrition, exercise, too much stress, etc., you will notice that your body responds it subtle ways – dull, glazed over eyes is one of the many ways your body is asking for help!

Eyes should naturally be white and bright – if they are overly dull or off-white, this is a sign that you need to drink more water and consume more nutrient-dense foods to bring the life back to your eyes.

13) Premature aging.

Wrinkles, fine lines and other aging blemishes can be a sign that your body has been overloaded with toxins for too long and your skin couldn’t repair itself fast enough.

In order for your skin to repair and regenerate itself, you need to provide your body with plenty of water each day (we recommend half your body weight in ounces) as well as plenty of fresh, whole foods that your body can still absorb nutrients from.

Juicing or adding a green supplement that’s rich in antioxidants is another way to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh.

Your body is an amazing living system that carries out thousands of essential functions for our health every single day without us ever thinking about it. It knows how to repair itself in most occasions and will do everything in its power to keep you healthy as long as it has been treated right!

So many of us neglect our bodies because we get busy with work, family, life, etc. but you only get one body and it’s your HOME – you need to give it the proper nutrition, exercise and care to have the best health possible.

If you found yourself nodding along to more than one of these signals, it’s very likely that you need to detox and do a cleanse yourself.

There are many different cleanses you can try and we are happy to make suggestions, but it’s also important that you take care of yourself day-to-day with plenty of water, a clean diet full of fresh whole foods, exercise, sunshine, sleep and a great multivitamin!


  1. Thx I definitely need to detox I have all these probs have serious illnesses hopefully when I detox I can get some relief thx for info sincerely

  2. I’ve been going through a healing crisis for a while and I’m doing everything I can to bring my body back into balance. I’ve read a lot of articles and you really made it simple and impactful for the reader, which is so appreciated when we’re in the struggle.

    Thank you for your work.

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