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My name is Brandon Walsh and my wife and I have been the top recruiters in the history of It Works Global, and have consistently been top 3 money earners with the company for over ten years (over 1 million in commissions per year).

My wife is the ‘networker’, while I have been behind the scenes studying online marketing/advertising/programming for over 10 years. I have a large budget for recruiting/advertising – but I need YOUR help with follow-up/coaching/motivating and selling via social media..

I DO NOT believe in cold-calling, bothering people, or spammy tactics for recruiting people as customers or distributors. I believe in advertising the opportunity and letting people come to me.

We created a network of over 500k women all over the globe with It Works Global, and we’re looking to do it again with men all over the globe. I believe we can help hundreds of thousands of men to get healthier, and help thousands to make great new incomes from home as well.

It Works Global is a health and wellness network marketing company that has been in business since 2001. They created their name by creating an incredible skin care and plant-based supplement line with their flagship product being the Ultimate Applicator (aka skinny wrap, black wrap, etc..)

The wrap is used most commonly to help with stretch marks, cellulite and loose skin. The wrap is often misconstrued as a secret/magic weight loss cure, but it’s meant to be an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

It Works Global has over 30 products that appeal to those looking to lose weight and/or look and feel younger.

Prior to last month, the company was composed primarily of women, as that had been their target demographic – and the demographic that the wrap appealed to most.

However, starting now, they have recreated a new brand of the company geared specifically toward men – this new extension of the company has new product “stacks” and will eventually have separate products, branding, etc..

In addition to the new product stacks, the new company has an additional component being referred to as the “man dare” and this consists of weekly challenges (physical, relational, etc) aimed toward helping men become better versions of themselves.

So… starting now, I’m building a new organization of men with a specific focus on our hugely popular energy drink.

As the company grows, and the men’s division expands – my goal is to have this new team of men leading the way. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of women to retire from their jobs and make great incomes from home. (We literally wrote the book “Retire Your Husband”

I don’t say any of this to brag, in any way, but to let you know that we know what we’re doing – because I believe it’s important to know that the person teaching you has actually had success!

I’m looking for fitness/nutritional experts, energy-drink lovers, bloggers and social media gurus who want to start making a new income from home.

I’m looking for hard-working, fun, positive guys who would like to work hand-in-hand with me building a large network marketing organization. These individuals would work as recruiters and brand ambassadors of the new energy drink (helping to enroll new customers and new teammates)

And, here’s the best part!

The energy drink market is incredibly big, and it’s fanatical. What this means is, I can run advertising campaigns (just like the ad you responded to) and get leads really inexpensively.

And, because of our previous success, I can afford to GIVE YOU LEADS FOR FREE – I just need some reliable, positive, hard-working guys that can help me respond to all the interest!

So…what makes our energy drink the best there is?
We use natural NON-GMO fruit juices (blueberry, cranberry, cherry, pear, raspberry) and only 13g of sugar per can (that’s half of what’s in Redbull)
We use green tea extract as our caffeine source (100mg/can)
We use crystalline fructose as our sugar source, which has an incredibly low glycemic score, which means your blood sugar won’t spike! – and consequently, you won’t crash!
It tastes great!

Here’s a quick overview of some of our more popular products – which you will be able to use and sell in addition to the energy drink – but there is no need to learn much about them right off the bat.

  • SHAKE – plant based protein shake using organic pea protein
  • FAT FIGHTER – cheat meal supplement that absorbs excess fat/carbs
  • GREENS – 50+ herbs & nutrient rich, alkalizing superfoods from organic farms that can be added to any beverage
  • NEW YOU – formulation of amino acids -lysine, glutamine, arginine, etc forumlated to stimulate the natural production of HGH
  • THERMOFIT – calorie burning, thermogenic supplement
  • CLEANSE – gentle, herbal cleansing pre-biotic formulation to remove toxins

If so, shoot me a message, tell me a bit more about you, and we’ll get the ball rolling. I only have room for a few individuals to start with as coaches/leaders – so let me know as soon as possible if you have interest.